About us

Who we are

Havroc™ is an independent, female-founded label dedicated to creating premium-grade essentials that are effortlessly chic yet perfectly functional and comfortable.

Havroc™ was founded in 2021, in Montreux, Switzerland

Focus on Natural materials

The textile industry has taken a big hit in terms of quality with the rise of fast-fashion. The massive use of synthetic and poor quality fabrics has even conquered the luxury brands, leaving a big void for consumers, who seek quality and comfort (the softness of the fabrics, for example).

Havroc was created to fill this void and is committed to using almost exclusively natural materials with an accent on Leather, Wool and Tencel.

The Weekday Bag - Our very first piece

Born out of frustration, the Weekday Bag was created to fill a big void in the world of women's design. Today's bags are designed derivatives of a simple shopping bag: with no storage, inconvenient size, and more like a sack.

Modernity demands something new. We've got laptops, documents, earpods, snacks, intimate items, and obviously keys, wallets & phones we want out of reach from others yet easily accessible.

Inspired by the stylish and practical bags from Japanese school uniforms, the Weekday Bag was created to be its grown-up form, chic and functional

Ideal as a laptop bag. Made for the modern woman.

Craftsmanship and Transparency 

We prioritise high quality and transparency when crafting our pieces and continuously ensure that our supply chain reflects our values. 

Our bags are exclusively manufactured in Turkey by a team of experienced artisans to ensure each bag is handcrafted with the utmost diligence and care. Our manufacturer works in accordance with ISO standards and the ETI Base Code, which focuses on fair employment conditions. 

From start to finish, we are continuously working on improving our practices, whether it be regular visits to our manufacturer, working with locally sourced materials, or implementing sustainable packaging. 

Direct democracy

Faithful to our country's ideal: those who take the decision and those who have to go through the consequences of that decision, must be the same

This is why Havroc™ launched its secret channel. 

Early buyers and strong supporters receive a special access to our secret telegram channel (when they receive their order). There, we submit designs and pools to the community such that you can vote and chose what's going into production. 
It's about time you build your own wardrobe!

Easy return

100% recyclable packaging

Ethically sourced & manufactured

Swiss design