Tencel™ Athletic Sweater

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It's not just about creating a design. We have to start with the best possible raw material: TENCEL™ neofiber.

With its molecularly smooth surface, this fiber stands out for its unparalleled softness. Derived from tree pulp, Tencel is highly breathable and dries quickly. These two characteristics make the development of bacteria difficult and allow one to feel fresh throughout their entire workout session. In comparison, bacteria develop 1000x quicker in synthetic fabrics.

The Tencel fiber is 100% natural.

99% of women wear polyester at the gym,

Are you in the 1% ?

Smart and classy design

Athletic fit

Fitted while letting you move and breath freely.

Designed for most sports

The thumbhole keeps the sleeve in place as you move around and keeps you warm on your cool-weather workout.


Lightweight and extra comfy.

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